Friday, April 3, 2015

Fresh-ish Start

Hi everyone!!!!!!!!

It's been a while, hasn't it? Much has changed over the last few years. For starters, I became an iPhone user, jumped out of an airplane, visited Texas for the first time, ran a 10k despite my hatred for running, partook in three 24-hour Disneyland events, visited Hogwarts, and got engaged to the love of my life; we attended a million weddings, showers, etc., and then we got married earlier this year by one of my best friends, who officiated wearing a graduation gown, because I joked with him that it would make him look more official and he took it seriously. Married life has been great! It's fun being in each other's faces all the time and melding our lives together. We are definitely rubbing off on one another. For example, the hubs has convinced me to carry a tiny pocket knife (because it has a nail file and scissors, not for shanking purposes!) and I have gotten him into Gilmore Girls.

Since it's a new chapter in my life, I've decided to kind of start over with this blog. Why not start over completely? A, this site has always just been a reflection of me (which is why it's always been all over the place) and stuff I do and I don't have the time or creativity to come up with a new me, and B, I'm convinced that once I let go of, Jennie-O Turkey is going to pounce on it...because that SO happened to!! It used to belong to a graphic designer and now it just redirects to turkey! Anyway, in the last decade I have found it to be a bit of a struggle figuring out what to post and what not to post and then my posts just stay stuck in draft folder limbo, only to be picked up again much later when it is no longer relevant and not at all how I feel. I figured out that I need to compartmentalize a little better and post things that I can actually be proud of instead of the weird, random things I have written. I will probably update old posts as I go along so I can try to convince readers that I'm relatively normal.

The site is still a work in progress (as am I) so lots of changes, big and small, will probably be in store.

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