About Me

Oh, hello there
My name is Jenny. Not Jennifer, just Jenny. I was named after someone in a Chinese phonebook.

I have lived in parts of Los Angeles County almost all my life, starting in San Gabriel Valley, heading westward to Westwood (say that five times fast), then slowly creeping my way back to SGV. I now live in Orange County with my wonderful hubs, who still wanted to get married after I verbally accosted him many times during our wedding planning days. We refer to those days as the dark days of our relationship.

A couple more things about me...
  • I absolutely, unhealthily love vintage suitcases. 
  • I love looking at vintage things in general, so going to flea markets and yard sales is my idea of fun, despite how bored my hubby gets and how many times my mom tells me, "No one would want that even if you paid them."
  • I feel my best when I complete some kind of project, whether it is knitting a scarf or making a decent dinner that doesn't kill anyone. 
  • I hate when I find a list online that seems interesting and when I click it, it turns out to be in a slideshow format. 
  • I really don't like seeing people floss. 
  • I love Disneyland and I am hanging on to my SoCal annual pass for dear life.