About Me

Oh, hello there
My name is Jenny. It isn't short for anything. I was named after someone in a Chinese phonebook.

I have lived in various parts of Los Angeles County almost all my life, starting in San Gabriel Valley, heading westward to Westwood, then slowly creeping my way back to SGV. I now live in Orange County with my wonderful hubs, who still wanted to get married after I verbally accosted him several times during our wedding planning days. We refer to those days as the dark days of our relationship.

A couple more things about me...
I absolutely, unhealthily love vintage suitcases. I love looking at vintage things in general, so going to flea markets and yard sales is my idea of fun, despite how bored my hubby gets. I feel my best when I complete some kind of project, whether it is knitting a scarf or making a decent dinner that doesn't kill anyone who eats it. I feel my worst when I allow other people's negativity get to me. I hate when I find a list online that seems interesting and when I click it, it turns out to be in a slideshow format. I really don't like seeing people floss. I love Disneyland and I am hanging on to my SoCal annual pass for dear life. I was once in an episode (Season 6, Ep 4: "Moving the Merch") of My Life on the D-List but I haven't actually watched it so I don't know how much I have embarrassed myself yet.

Uh Oh... Jennio
What does it mean? I'd like to say there's some super interesting story behind it, but there really isn't. In high school, I decided one year to dress up as Waldo and wore a sign that said "Where's Jennio?" because it's how I creatively melded my name with Waldo's. After that occasionally my friends would call me Jennio, which I actually really liked because the alternative was "Jen-naay" in a Forrest Gump voice. Very clever, guys. Never heard that one before.

The "uh oh" part comes from me being extremely clumsy. Exhibit A: Not even three months after receiving my beautiful, shiny gold iPhone, I dropped it in my driveway and cracked the screen. I always tell people I can't have nice things and this is exactly why. Exhibit B: One time I was getting out of bed in the middle of the night and I tripped on a box and fell... on my laptop. None of these things were even in my way.