Monday, December 26, 2011

Public transit--not just for us commoners

There are so many famous people who go on and on about being kind to the environment, offering tips upon tips on what to do to be green. This has always made me wonder.. How come I never have celebrity sightings on the Metro? Sure, there were plenty who were the firsts to get Prii (Plural of Prius. I totally called this in one of my linguistics assignments!) and I'm sure plenty of them even traded those in for the all-electric Nissan Leaf, but it still does not beat taking public transportation since they are probably driving alone and using gas/electricity most likely created from fossil fuels. Besides, look at this image I saw on The Source:

Even if all those cars were eco-friendly automobiles, the amount of traffic they would create versus public transit is cuh-razy.

Update: There are even better infographics here! From the 20s!

So, besides my brief brush with fame on a bus (ahem, John Scott), no sightings of celebrities taking public transportation were had (until recently!), despite there being a bus line that drops you off right across from Los Angeles Center Studios, where they film plenty of stuff like the Voice, Mad Men (which is totally being shot right now), and who could forget Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2? I decided to Google "celebrities taking public transit." The first link that comes up is a list called "19 Celebs Who Aren't Too Good for Public Transportation." Unfortunately, all these sightings are in New York. I wanted to see something at least in California, since we're supposed to be at the forefront of environmentalism. But the second link that comes up is a piece called "The Rise of the Bus-Riding Celebrity," which is about Vincent Kartheiser, otherwise known as Pete Campbell from Mad Men.
Image from GOOD

He is proof that there are famouses who take the bus. In fact, he is completely car-less. He mentions that he enjoys taking it slow and taking the bus gives him time to work on his lines instead of being stressed out in traffic. I totally agree! Just replace "working on lines" with "reading e-books."

Siel of greenLAgirl also wrote a piece on Seamus Dever (Detective Ryan) of Castle fame, who rides his bike to work and advocates using public transit. Castle is one of my favorite shows so I have since then been on the lookout for him to no avail.

What prompted me to write about this, though, was my recent Metro sighting of the ultimate eco celeb, Ed Begley, Jr., the man who makes his toast with bicycle power! I thought it was so appropriate for my first public transit sighting. But, to be honest, I'm always so busy trying not to make eye contact with crazies on the train that I probably wouldn't have noticed him had Tom not said something. For all I know I am on the train with famous people all the time but am afraid to look up for fear of being forced to donate money to that gypsy family with the accordion.

It's obvious why celebrities wouldn't take the the train when they can afford to be driven in the privacy of their very own spent vegetable oil-powered vehicles, where they won't be bothered by the aforementioned gypsies or adoring fans. But think about it, famous people, paparazzi may not want to shell out the $1.50 to stalk you and if they follow you without paying they'll most definitely be slapped with a fine. You are also less likely to get in a car accident from being trailed too closely. Plus, it'll up your environmental street cred.

Taken at the Hollywood and Vine Metro Station

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